Former Employers' Website Experience:

http://www.theaterseat.com                       http://www.Drjskinclinic.com

Software Experience: 

   Working with Illustrator software: Graphic design, business cards, logo tracing, creating business logo, magazine cover, flyers, banners, posters, stickers, and decals.

  Working with Flash software: Web design specialist, webisodes, mini games, caricatures, short animated 2-d films, music developer, sound effects experience, multiple scene editing and layering.

Learn about our Solar System and the eight planets revolving

around the Sun by browsing on this website.

From malfunction disasters in space, my new character

 "AliBot" was born and has risen from their destruction.

Cartooning! A fun course that gave me the chance to

explore my own artistic skills in drawing characters and expressions.

I'm not just an artist. . . I am also a painter! Working for

Kaman's Art Shoppes at Disneyland I painted names with a

special brush and tempera paint.

  Working with Photoshop software: Editing black and white photos and adding real life colors, over laping different images, light and shadow jobs, customizing text and drop shadow effects, and picture modification using filters and layering.

Time to show you what I can do with Photoshop!

Adding effects, colors, cleaning pictures, etc. 

   Working with Maya software: Creating 3-d graphics and animations, basic/advanced shapes, textures, story board, character detailing, polygonal modeling, lighting, particles, rendering animation, walking cycle, and game sequence.

Star off with modeling spheres and shapes. Each planet is different in size and rotates at their own pace!

At first it is hard to identify each object at the beginning since all you can see are wires making out the object's figure.

After modeling polygons into their appropriate shapes you will be able to take a sneak peek at their smooth figures and sizes.

At this point is still difficult to identify the planets, especially their moons.  

Almost done! After modifying and cleaning the planets' images in Photoshop, you attach the image to the corresponding planet and have an idea of the final pieace.

The wires represent their revolution around their planets (moons), and the Sun (planets).

Finally Ready! After approximately 35 hours working on the modeling and animation, I present you my animation of the Solar System. . .  

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