Daniel's Home Center

February 4, 2012
It's been a whole month since I got hired at Daniel's Home Center as their Webmaster Assistant. I take care of the company's website and manage all their online products. We use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator programs to develop and create all the site graphics. I am learning more about programming and it's very exciting! "My Computer Graphics skills are stronger"

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2011 Gold Cup Final: USA Vs MEXICO

June 28, 2011
Guuaaoouu! The BEST final I have ever witnessed live!
I bought my ticket even before the Gold Cup had started, trusting on my 2 favorite teams (USA & MEXICO) will make it to the finals. They have been for the past 2 cups! In 2007 USA won against Mexico 2-1. In 2009 Mexico won against USA 5-0. This year Mexico takes the Championship winning against USA 4-2 and their 6th cup overall. But what made this Gold Cup even more special was the presence of the veteran Landon Donovan from USA face off ag...
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I Like HTML!

June 25, 2011
My new addiction is now HTML coding. It's so amazing all the designs and web sites a person can do with simply typing a few words (even if the tags don't make sense) lol. I want to learn more and More & MORE!!!! 
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Welcome 2010!

January 4, 2010
Wao! A whole new decade has begun. What kind of new stuff we will be facing? What makes me wonder is the kind of new music style we'll be hearing. I don't think there's anymore new talent out there where the 10s can be defined as. Like the 60s, 70s, 80s, and even the 90s had their own music style where as in the 00s the only new kind of music style that was a big hit world wide was Reggeaton. Who knows!
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Black Friday!

December 4, 2009
Black Friday sales are good this year. However, at Walmart I found 2 X-Box games at $59.99 each, Street Fighter 4 and Guitar Hero: Metallica. I saw these two same games at Best Buy for only $19.99 each! So DON'T BUY IT at Walmart!

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November 13, 2009
 From Columbia Pictures, today November 13th comes, "2012". What do you believe? Is 2012 really the end of our world and all living things in this planet? 
 This is nothing like the controversy of the Y2K back in 1999 where it was said that all computers will fail causing atomic bombs to be launched by themselves destroying our cities. There was no prove or evidence such event would occur. Nobody did anything about it and nothing really happened after the new millennium arrived. 
 Now there is ...

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Utility Affects Credit Rating?

November 12, 2009

Do utility and other home bills affect your credit rating?

Only if you go deliquint and they send you to collection will it be reported to your credit report. Unfortunatly, if you pay your utilities on time, for the duration of your life, the GOOD credit will never be reported, but if they send you to collections, you bet it will land on your credit report. Gas, Electric, and Cable - all three may send you to collections if you fall more than 90 days past due. I have never seen water reported ...

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Athena Victoria Rodriguez

October 15, 2009
On October 5th, 2009 the most beautiful baby girl was born. Athena Victoria Rodriguez was born at 5:45 pm. She weight 7 lbs. 9 oz. and measured 20 in. As soon as she was out of her Mom's belly, she open her eyes, she didn't cry at all, up until now she is still a quiet baby. Today she is 10 days old! Athena is a Libra and I have never loved a baby so much as I love her! Muuaahhh! =)
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September 11th, 2001

September 11, 2009
Do you remember this day? What where you doing? Where were you at? What were you thinking?
I was asleep =) until my dad calls me and wakes me up telling me to turn on the t.v. because we are under attack! I thought he was joking but I still obeyed. As soon as I saw the south World Trade Center in flames and smoke I just got the feeling that it was a movie on t.v. but as I kept watching, the second plane hits the north tower and then I realized it was actually happening at that moment. . . Gul...

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Passion For Art

September 9, 2009
Art has always been a big deal for me. Who hasn't watched cartoons when they were kids or even adults. But not many watched cartoons the way I did. 
I not only watched them, I would become a cartoon myself wanting to be like the anime characters of Saint Seiya and play their roles with friends or myself. Then at times I would draw them or create my own characters at my own taste of powers and difficulty level.

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